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EditingTools.io is a collection of generators, scripts, converters, apps and machine learning applications designed primarily for film post production. The tools are developed and optimized by a small team with the help and feedback of over 500 industry professionals.

The goal of the platform is to offer a variety of different niche tools to fill the gaps in today's workflows between different software, platforms and file formats. The focus is on providing an easy-to-use, web-based solution without compromising the security of files and data.

Despite the high cost of developing and maintaining such tools, the goal is to provide as many free and low-cost tools as possible that can be used by any type of production. The platform is used daily by over 4K users around the world to process and convert files for post-production workflows. The tools are used every day in workflows for high-end film productions, TV shows, feature films, festival films, low budget productions and more.

The base of some tools exists for more than 10 years. The publication of the tools on the platform EditingTools.io and the ongoing development of new tools started in June 2020. The operation of the platform as well as the financial management is carried out by the company Codebase.Media from Germany.

EditingTools.io is committed to being an ad-free platform with high privacy standards, providing fast, easy and secure solutions, and being able to react quickly to changes in the production workflow and adapt the tools accordingly. This is only possible with the constant feedback and financial support of our users. We also welcome collaboration with other developers who want to offer their own ideas, tools and solutions on EditingTools.io. In addition, scripts and generators can be customized upon request.

If you want to look further behind the scenes, check out our 3 Years EditingTools.io post.



The EditingTools.io icon consists of three elements that represent three different clip layers in an editing sequence, which together form an E for Editing. We also have an animated version of our logo that you can view here. The EditingTools.io logo is a registered trademark.

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Out of love for our community we support the Edimotion Film Festival (dedicated to the art of film editing) as an official partner and sponsor.