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Rewrite ALE files with fixed columns, convert them to other formats or combine multiple ALE files into one file.

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What file formats can be uploaded?

How many files can be uploaded at the same time?

Up to 15 files can be uploaded together and thus combined into one file. CSV and ALE files can be uploaded mixed.

How can ALE files be easily edited?

The easiest way to edit ALE files clearly is to convert them to a CSV file for Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets with this tool. The edited files can then be converted back to ALE files using this tool. ALE  Workflow

Swap "Name" and "Display Name" Columns

This function swaps the content of the column "Name" with the content of the column "Display Name". For example, it is often used in the workflow between Silverstack and Resolve.

Rename "Source File Path" to "Filepath"

This function renames the column "Source File Name" to "Filepath".

Remove "ASC" Information

This function disables all columns in the ALE that contain ASC information. This option is used for example when ASC information should not be imported.

Remove frame range in filename (for .arx and .dpx)

This function removes framerange in file names and thus simplifies relinking of image sequences in Premiere Pro and similar programs. If this option is activated, all strings in all columns containing files with the extension ".arx" or ".dpx" are corrected. For example, A001C001_220101.[11012010-11021020].arx becomes A001C001_220101.arx or vfx_193.[000-240].dpx becomes vfx_193.dpx.

Change heading info

This option allows to simply overwrite the ALE header with custom values.

Supported export formats

The following applications and file formats are supported among others. See our instructions for each format below.

How do I import an ALE file into Google Sheets?

1. Convert the ALE file into a CSV file with this tool.
2. Open Google Sheets and go to "File -> Import". Upload the generated CSV file and press "Import Data" to generate a Sheet with all ALE columns.

How do I export an ALE from Google Sheets?

1. Go to "File -> Download -> Comma-separated values".
2. In the next step you can convert the CSV file with this tool into an ALE file.

ALE files can be converted into XLSX or XLS files for Microsoft Excel with this tool.

ALE files can be converted into ODS file (OpenDocument Spreadsheet) for Open Office Calc with this tool.

How do I import an ALE file into Apple Numbers?

1. Convert the ALE file into a CSV file with this tool.
2. Open Numbers and go to "File -> Open". Simply open the CSV file.

How do I export an ALE file from Apple Numbers?

1. Go to "File -> Export -> CSV".
2. In the next step you can convert the CSV file with this tool into an ALE file.


We also provide an API for this tool. Read more about how you can use this api here.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Files are processed directly and not saved on the server.

Generated files remain available for a maximum of one hour.

Absolutely, just send us a message.

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