Timecode Notes

Create comments and notes with real-time timecode for recordings, review rounds, feedback meetings, events, broadcasts, video streams or other events where you need a customized timecode. All comments can be exported as markers for any NLE (for further editing) or as CSV, PDF, XLS and many more.

Marker Timecode
Marker Color

Ready? Export Notes as Markers.

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How to start?

  • Enter your preferred start timecode in the input field above the start button.
  • Press the start button and the timecode will begin to run.
  • As soon as you enter a comment, the timecode for this comment will be paused.
    The general timecode continues to run.
  • You can choose an individual color for each comment.
  • The main timecode can be paused or changed at any time.
  • Only one comment is possible per timecode. However, a comment can be changed or deleted at any time.
  • The comments will be saved in the browser cache on your device. So no one except you can see them.
  • The browser will remember the last timecode position.
  • You can generate an export file anytime and also share the download link via email.


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