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Convert and merge EDL files to CSV lists (for Excel or Google Sheets) or convert CSV lists back into an EDL file for Media Composer, Premiere Pro, Resolve, Final Cut and others.

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Use this EDL tool to convert different NLE sequence formats. Check out the following documentation to see if this tool is suitable for your use case. In case you need to create VFX, stock or music lists, we may have even better tools for that. The converter will ignore most audio tracks and video transitions can cause problems.

EditingTools.io EDL Workflow

What file formats can I upload?

  • EDL - Edit Decision List CMX3600 (.edl)
  • XML - Final Cut 7 (.xml) [Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve]
  • FCPXML - Final Cut Pro XML (.fcpxml) [Experimental]
  • CSV - Comma-separated values (.csv) - preset_edl.csv

What is the tool not for?

The tool is not made for converting complete editing sequences into another format for further editing in another NLE. We recommend using the conversion options in DaVinci Resolve, for example.

Similar EDL tools with optimized output:

EDL export settings

Make sure that you only include necessary information like the original file names in your EDL export. Most of the other export options are not needed to use this tool. Information about audio or video levels, transitions, LUTs or effects are irrelevant for this tool and should be disabled.

EDL files have some limitations, like the amount of video tracks, the missing details about framerates of the source clips or the sum of total entries. Depending on the use case, you should therefore rely on an XML (Final Cut Pro 7 XML) file or other XML format.

Adobe Premiere Pro EDL

Duplicate entries

The EDL tool automatically removes duplicate or identical entries. Duplicates with the same timecode and the same clip name will be removed.

Merge multiple files

You can merge up to 15 sequence files of the same file format.

Sort by clip name

If you activate this option, all clips will be sorted by clip name. The timecode will be adjusted automatically.

Reverse clip order

If you activate this option, all clips will be sorted in reverse order. The timecode will be adjusted automatically. If you use this option together with "Order by clip name", the clips will be ordered by name in descending.

Add handle frames to each clip

This option allows you to add handle frames to each clip. This can be useful for some color workflows. The handle length can be between 1 and 50 frames.

Merge same sources clips if overlapping

This option will compare the previews clip with the next clip and will merge them into one clip if the source clip timecodes overlap. It's an option for collecting source clips e.g. for some color or VFX workflows.

Use locator name as clip name

This option will overwrite the clip name with the name given in the locator.

Use file name as tape name

This option will overwrite the tape name with the file name. You can choose if it should be always overwritten or only if the Tape Value is "AX".

Remove frame range in clip name (for .arx and .dpx)

This function removes frame range in clip names and thus simplifies relinking of image sequences in Premiere Pro and similar programs. If this option is activated, all strings in all columns containing files with the extension ".arx" or ".dpx" are corrected. For example, A001C001_220101.[11012010-11021020].arx becomes A001C001_220101.arx or vfx_193.[000-240].dpx becomes vfx_193.dpx.

Ignore audio files

This option ignores all files with the following file extension: wav, mp3, aiff, aac, aif, asnd, m4a, omf, aaf

Calculate and compare source clip duration

If you export into any sheet format (csv, xls,...) you can customize the columns and activate the "Source Duration" column. This will calculate the duration of the source clip which can variate from the sequence duration. Please note that this value can be wrong in some cases if the frame rate of the source clip differs from the frame rate of the sequence. The reason for this is that the EDL or XML does not provide sufficient information about the frame rates of the original clips.

CSV files

This tool accepts semicolon-separated and comma-separated .csv files.

Download the demo file: preset_edl.csv

No,Name,Tracks,Timecode In,Timecode Out,Tape,Start,End,Channels,Loc TC,Loc Name,Loc Color

  • No: *optional
  • Name: Filename
  • Tracks: V, AA, AA/V, NONE
  • Timecode In: Sequence TC In
  • Timecode Out: Seqeunce TC Out
  • Tape: Tape Name, AX
  • Start: Source TC In
  • End: Source TC Out
  • Channels: Audio Channels (*not necessary for this tool)
  • Loc TC: *optional
  • Loc Name: *optional
  • Loc Color: *optional


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