Frequently Asked Questions

No. Files are processed directly and not saved on the server.

Generated files remain available for a maximum of one hour.

Yes, you can find more information in the menu under API.

Just send us a message.

Absolutely, just send us a message.

The use in commercial film productions is allowed. Whether it's low-budget, YouTube, TV, cinema or high-end, everything is allowed. The generated graphics may be used in the video/image products worldwide for an unlimited period of time. We would be happy with a credit. If you are unsure, write to us.

We are happy for every credit.

No resale or redistribution of the generated graphics or uploading of the graphics on other websites (e.g. as download package) is allowed. But you are allowed to link to our site.

This is possible in the premium area for some elements. Please feel free to send us a message.

Yes, just send us a message.

Yes, just send us a message.

Yes, but currently only for registered users. Just send us a message.

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