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Film Slate Generator

Create a slate for playouts of your show during post-production. Slates contain the most important details about the show status for a review, such as title, episode, edit type, date, total run time, and notes about the status of audio, color and vfx.

Letterbox Generator

Generate a clean and performance-optimized letterbox in any resolution with customizable aspect ratio and color, as an overlay for your batch renders, media encoders or edit timeline.

Remove Letterbox from Picture

Upload a video still or picture to remove the letterbox or pillar box from an image. Vertical and horizontal borders will be automatically detected.


This app makes it easy to preview LUT files in .cube format. Film stills can be quickly previewed with different looks without the need for complex editing software. Preview images with applied looks can be exported as .tiff, .png and .jpg.

ALE Converter

Rewrite ALE files with fixed columns, convert them to other formats or combine multiple ALE files into one file.


Soundboard for Editors

Green-/Bluescreen Generator

Generate placeholder graphics for any Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone screen with additional tracking markers.

Timecode Notes

Create editorial notes for recordings, review sessions, feedback meetings, events, broadcasts, video streams, or any event where you need custom timecode. All comments can be exported as markers to any NLE (for further editing) or to CSV, PDF, Excel, and more. You can also collaborate with your team in real time in a shared Team Event session.

Loudness Analyzer & Normalizer

Use this tool to verify that your audio mix meets a specific standard. The tool will generate a loudness report from the uploaded file. It can also normalize an audio file and make it conform to a standard of your choice.

Still images from a video file

Create images from a video file using a list or document of timecodes. This tool can be useful for generating thumbnails for vfx sheets.

Splitscreen Overlay Generator

Generate nice and simple splitscreen overlays with additional styles for up to 100 splits in up to 8K resolution. Ready to use for any high-end production.

Watermark Generator

Generate a quick & simple watermark as an overlay for your batch renders, media encoders or edit timeline.

Thumbnail Generator

Upload, resize, fit, align and convert any picture. You can also add Letterbox, Watermarks, Borders or other Overlays like TV Channel/Product Logo.

Edit Shot List / VFX Shot List

Turn a Timeline into a simple Shot List or Table with Clip-Timecodes and additonal Meta-Data.

Subtitle Tool & Converter

Convert subtitles to other file formats like SRT, VTT, SBV or use the tool to check subtitles for guidelines, repair, correct or move them. You can also convert subtitles to markers and use them in an editing program.

TV Graphic Generator

Generate quick and easy Layouts for SidebySide or Fullscreen graphics.

Scene Cut Detection

Automatically detect scene changes in videos and generate a EDL, XML or CSV file for further non-linear film editing in Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve or Final Cut Pro X.

Marker Converter

Simplify the exchange of markers between different programs. Convert timeline markers to various formats for Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Media Composer, Pro Tools,, Pix, CSV, Google Sheets, PDF and more. The tool also lets you filter markers by color, swap colors, or move and correct timecodes.

Music Cue Sheet

Generate a clean music cue sheet with timecodes, durations, and track metadata out of your editing sequence. Upload an XML or EDL file and generate a CSV, XLSX, PDF, TXT, or other formats to use in Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, and similar programs.

Editors' Codebook Generator

Generate an Editors' Codebook from one or more ALE files. Export it as CSV or formatted HTML file.

Live Timecode Notes

Create editorial notes for live events or studio recordings with your team in real time, download the notes as CSV, PDF, or Excel files, or import them directly into an editing sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve, and/or other NLEs as markers.

FCP Library Cleaner

This neat little tool helps you free up space on your hard drive and clean up your FCP Library render files without opening Final Cut Pro. It is an easy-to-use standalone tool that allows you also to clean up multiple libraries at once.

Timecode Converter

Bulk convert a timecode list or single timecodes to different formats. You can also upload a CSV file and convert all timecodes of specified columns with one click. Learn more in our examples below.

EDL Converter

Convert and merge EDL files to CSV lists (for Excel or Google Sheets) or convert CSV lists back into an EDL file for Media Composer, Premiere Pro, Resolve, Final Cut and others.

XML to Splitscreen XML

Upload your XML Timeline and auto generate a Splitscreen timeline. Ready for use. Autoscaling & Cropping.

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